Pathways: Pathway is an electronic Case Management Plan with a timeline of patient care activities and expected outcomes of care that address the plan of care for each particular patient. It is usually developed by an interdisciplinary case management teams prospectively in relation to a patient’s diagnosis, health problem, or surgical procedure. It includes predefined outcomes of care clients can expect from providers and are accepted within the community of professionals, based upon the best scientific knowledge, current outcomes data, and clinical expertise.

Combatting Stigma Campaign:The Network has developed a series of videos and hosted concerts to promote a positive public image of those in recovery.  The videos highlight the experiences of those confronting addiction and their loved ones. They also profile examples of recovery programs designed to help them regain control of their lives.

LEAD Jail Diversion: In cooperation with local judges the Network has actively supported the diversion of those incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. These individuals are offered case management services and mentoring to support their transition to productive lives in the community.

Pathways Transitional Housing Shelter: Network member organizations have been instrumental in securing housing for the homeless and those transitioning from recovery programs in need of a temporary sober living situation. The sites include an abandoned nursing home in Espanola, converted to also offer residential recovery services

Opioid Use Reduction Network