Section 1:  Name.  The name of the corporation is the Rio Arriba Community Health Council.

Section 2:  Location and Staffing. The principal office shall be located within the Rio Arriba 
Health and Human Services Department in the Rio Arriba Health Commons.  Rio Arriba HHS 
shall provide staff support for the council.

Section 3: Fiscal Agency.  Rio Arriba County shall act as the fiscal agent of the council.



 Section l.  Vision: To create an environment in which individuals, families and 
groups can feel safe and develop to their fullest potential.

Section 2: The Rio Arriba Community Health Council is the designated health and human 
service planning council and policy advisory board to the Board of Rio 
Arriba County Commissioners.

Section 2.  Statement of Purpose:  The mission of Rio Arriba Community Health 
Council is to mobilize resources needed to meet the health, education and social 
welfare needs of Rio Arriba County.  The mission of the council shall be 
accomplished through the following goals:

(a)      To involve providers and community members through open dialogue 
(pláticas) to better understand the social service needs of the people.  

(b)     To promote partnerships between agencies and organizations for improving 
the delivery services.

(c)	To incubate beneficial programs in coordination with local government and 
non-profit agencies.

(d)	To collaborate with other community development efforts to improve social 
conditions of the area including the rural underserved.

(e)	To educate communities and raise public consciousness about matters pertinent 
to the health, safety and welfare of families.

(f)	To engage member agencies and consumers through action research to determine 
the effectiveness of services, to include cultural competence.

(g)	To involve the community in formulating social policy.


Section 3.  Membership: Membership in the Rio Arriba Community Health Coalition 
shall be open to associations, agencies and organizations serving Rio Arriba 
County as set forth below.

1)	Membership in the full coalition shall be open to any agency serving Rio Arriba 
residents and to any interested resident of Rio Arriba County.

2)	There shall be no membership dues.

3)	Each coalition member will have one vote on all matters brought to the attention 
of the membership at full Coalition meetings.

4)	The Advisory Council may remove any member who is in violation of the mission and 
purposes of the council through a two-thirds majority vote of the full coalition.

5)	Any member whose membership is terminated has the right of appeal before the next 
scheduled meeting of the membership.  Reinstatement requires a two-thirds majority 
vote of the membership.


          Section 1:  Election, number, composition, and term of office.  

(a)	The Rio Arriba Community Health Council will solicit a list of volunteers from 
the full coalition to sit on the advisory board.  The Council will select a list of 
recommendations for Council membership to the Board of Rio Arriba County 
Commissioners by November of each calendar year.  The Board of Rio Arriba County 
Commissioners shall appoint the members of the advisory council by December.

(b)	The number of directors will be no less than seven and no more than fifteen.

(c)	The Board of Rio Arriba County Commissioners may appoint alternate members, at 
the request of the council, who may vote and may be counted towards a quorum if the 
full number of members is not present.  Members and alternates shall not number more 
than fifteen at any meeting. The council president, with the consent of the council, 
may appoint alternates as voting members at the start of each meeting.

(d)	The board will assess membership annually and will strive to assure council 
representation reflecting  the demographics of the county as described in the health 
profile. It is recognized that due to the volunteer nature of the council, this 
diversity may not always be achieved.

(e)	The membership of the Advisory Board must be approved by the Board of County 
Commissioners at least once annually. The Board of County Commissioners may amend the 
roster to fill vacant positions or as needed.

Section 2: Expectations of members: Active participation by member or member’s 
representative in person or via phone at a minimum of nine monthly meetings.

Section 3: Standing committees. The Board of Directors may elect an Executive 
Committee which may conduct business during intervals between meetings of the Board 
of Directors to the extent permitted by law.  The Board shall appoint committees as 
needed to meet the needs of the County and the Board.  Other County HHS-related 
councils such as (but not limited the DWI Council, the Local Collaborative Steering 
Committee, the Rio Arriba Youth Service Providers, the System of Care Committee, the 
Local Emergency Planning Council and the Rio Arriba Food Council shall act as 
sub-committees.  Their input will be incorporated into all comprehensive health planning 
activities conducted by the council, by the Rio Arriba Health and Human Services 
Department, Emergency Management  and the Rio Arriba Planning and Zoning Department.

Section 4: Subcontracts. No council member may be offered an individual contract for 
coordination, evaluation or other services through the auspices of the council, or 
through a grant intended to fund the council. Agencies which participate in the 
council may participate in resource development activities and may become fiscal 
agents, recipients or subcontractors of grant proposals developed by the council.


     Section 1:  Number.  The officers of the council shall consist of a 
president, vice-president, and a secretary.  Assistants to these officers may be 
appointed from time to time.  

     Section 2:  Appointment and term.  The principal officers shall be elected by 
the advisory board at its first meeting after the official adoption of the 
roster.  New officers may be elected to fill vacant seats as needed.  

  Section 3:  Resignation and removal.  An officer may resign at any time by 
delivering thirty (30) days notice to the advisory board.  The vacancy may be 
filled prior to the effective date of resignation, but the successor may not take 
office until the effective date.  The board of directors may remove any officer at 
any time with or without cause.

     Section 4: President.  The president shall work with County HHS staff on 
behalf of the council to convene meetings of the advisory board or full coalition, 
set agendas and make those decisions delegated by the advisory board and 
coalition.   The president shall give notice to any board members who are in 
danger of being removed or who have been removed.

    Section 5: Vice President.  In the absence of the president, or in the event 
of the death, inability, or refusal to act of the president, a vice president 
shall assume the duties of the president.  The vice-president  shall do such work 
as the president may delegate, so that, if the board so decides at the next annual 
meeting, a vice president may succeed to the presidency.

     Section 6:  Secretary.  The secretary will be responsible for:

            (a) Cause to be prepared minutes of all meetings of the board of 
                directors and the Executive Committee;
                (b) Authenticate records of the council;
                (c) Give all notices required by law and by these by-laws;
                (d) Have general charge of the books and records;
                (e) Sign such instruments as may require such signature;
                (f) Prepare reports required by state law in a timely manner;
                (g) Keep track, using an excel spreadsheet or other tool, of board and 
                coalition attendance notifying the board and president, when       
                necessary, of excessive absenteeism at board meetings;

            (h) Perform all duties incident to the office of secretary as 
                assigned by the president or the board of directors.

    Section 8.  Coordination and Staffing.  The Department of Health and Human 
Services shall provide staff to carry out the work of the council.  


     Section 1: Amendments.  These bylaws may be amended or repealed, and new by 
laws may be adopted by the advisory board.  The council shall provide at least 
seven (7) days written notice of any meeting of directors at which an amendment is 
to be approved, unless notice is waived.  Any amendment must be approved by at 
least a majority of the directors in office at the time the amendment is adopted. 
Any amendment must be approved by the Board of Rio Arriba County Commissioners.

     Section 2: Fiscal year.  The fiscal year of the council shall be from July 1 
to June 30th.

     Section 3: Financial reports.  The council will not receive income, grants or 
revenues of any kind.  The Rio Arriba Department of Health and Human Services will 
be responsible for supporting the operation of the council and its activities.  The 
Rio Arriba Department of Health and Human Services will provide office space, 
equipment and materials to carry out the charge of the council, and may, if 
requested by the advisory board and if budget is allocated, provide stipends or 
mileage to board members who are not reimbursed for their time by an agency or 


     Secton 1: In order to insure the ongoing gathering of public input, the 
council will host platícas from time to time as deemed necessary in communities, 
covering on a rotating basis the varying geographic regions of the county.  
Representatives of the advisory board will attend and participate in the platícas 
on a rotating basis, and will report content to the advisory board at the next 
regular meeting.  Presentations on topics of interest to the community may be 
presented at platícas to stimulate discussion.

     Section 2: Advisory board meetings. The advisory board will hold regular 
monthly meetings to discuss the health and human service needs of the county and 
the business assigned to them by the Board of County Commissioners.  Platíca 
reports will be presented at board meeting along with reports from subcommittees. 
The Advisory board may schedule additional meetings, called by the President, on an 
as-needed basis. 

     Section 3: Full Council Meetings/Town Halls. The full council will meet at 
least two times per year.  Council meetings may include presentations and training 
workshops of interest to the membership, as well as discussions of interest to the 
members regarding health and human services or related policy matters.  Additional 
meetings may be called by the president at the request of the members, the Board of 
County Commissioners or the HHS Director on an as-needed basis. Council meetings 
may be in addition to or combined with town halls.

     Section 4: Work Groups: From time to time, the president, on behalf of the 
advisory board and with their input, may call together ad hoc work groups to 
address specific issues.  The work groups may be composed of advisory board 
members, coalition members and the general public.

     Section 5: Decision making: Whenever possible, decisions will be made by 
consensus.  If consensus is not possible, a vote will be taken and the decision 
will be made by a majority of members present. A vote may follow a consensus 
decision for the purposes of record-keeping.

     Section 6:Reports to the Board of Rio Arriba County Commissioners.  The 
advisory board will present a report to the Board of Rio Arriba County 
Commissioners on the condition of health and human services in the county at least 
once per year.  They may elect to appear before the Board of Commissioners to 
discuss specific issues on an as-needed basis.

   Section 7: Quorums: A quorum constitutes 51% of the appointed advisory board.

     THESE BYLAWS were approved by the Rio Arriba Community Health Council on 
November 20th, 2009.

THESE BYLAWS were duly adopted by the Board of Rio Arriba County Commissioners at 
the request of the Interim Health and Human Services Planning Council by resolution 
on December 29, 2009.